Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Customer Service

I am not an expert on economic policy and don't play one on TV. I've looked over Governor Pat McCrory's new budget proposal through the lens of an ordinary young citizen keeping up with the latest important news from my state.

One of the main things that stuck out to me was the $77 million proposed to the Information Technology Reserve to, "fix our systems and increase customer service."

Customer service? Really? Because Governor McCrory, as far as I and the rest of NC's young citizens are concerned, your customer service sucks.

Do you know what technology is used to process? Pending applications from 16 and 17 year olds who have pre-registered to vote when they turn 18 and it's time to automatically add them to the voter rolls. The Board of Elections was able to do this with their existing software before our ability to pre-register was eliminated. It would be interesting to see how improved technology services could improve the process.

When that opportunity was eliminated, and we looked to the Governor's Office for customer service solutions, we were called bureaucratic burdens and props. I wonder if part of fixing our state government's customer service includes treating NC's young citizens with dignity and respect? I won't hold my breath.

Given that Governor Pat McCrory's reaction to teachers who marched to the capitol today to meet with him was to lock the doors, it's unlikely McCrory will do his job of being a public servant where NC's students are concerned.

Governor McCrory also proposes to invest in programs to help reduce underage drinking.  Blogger Greg Flynn had an epic tweet response to this news.

The NC Department of Transportation concluded through a 2009 study that 14.9% of NC teens had tried alcohol.  In the 2012 General election, only 55,029 18 year olds voted out of a population of over 130,000.

It appears Pat McCrory has transferred the customer service call of NC's youth to the wrong department.

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