Sunday, May 4, 2014

Crazy Can't Be the New Black

Down in Alabama, there is a judge who sits on the state Supreme Court by the name of Roy Moore. He recently attended a Pastor for Life Luncheon where he decided to let his crazy out.

Justice Moore believes that the Constitution only applies to Christians. He thinks we need to go back and learn our history because the pilgrims didn't bring the Koran over on the Mayflower and Buddha didn't create us. And of course, he's so gosh darn patriotic that he thinks this country is in just terrible terrible shape because we all aren't following his religious views.

He apparently at some point got out a Ouija board or something because he happens to know that when Thomas Jefferson wrote about life in the Declaration of Independence, he was talking about the unborn. Someone should seriously make a horror movie with this concept.

My apologies to the state of Alabama for having to have this guy on your Supreme Court. I have friends from your state and I see a lot of the crazy from down there. But we all know that these kinds of messages are a problem for people all over the country.

Every day I, and many of you ask THE QUESTION. What do we do to stop this? Do we ignore this? Do we continue to drag it out into the light? I respect the views of those who think we should ignore and who feel like by not ignoring we're giving a megaphone to crazy. However, I am of the opinion it's important to drag these things into the light.

I believe there is another question we should be asking: Do these people really believe this crazy stuff or do they know there is a certain percentage of the population so uninformed and afraid they are this easy to convince? Do they know that if they can get this group of people worked up enough, those votes will give them what they need to win?

I believe the answer to these questions is yes. What these people call meetings are more like beauty pageants. They dress up their crazy and parade it around to see whose crazy is most attractive to each other. They can admire each other's crazy and get new ideas for the next Represent America contest. And sort of like Miss America, when the winning contestant wears a purple dress, purple dresses become the thing in beauty pageants all over the country. Next year at Miss America, more contestants wear purple dresses.

How do we make their fashions go out of style? And more importantly, how do we take our couture ideas and make them more ready-to-wear? Of course, some people will never get on our level, but I think we do have a chance of making an impact on many without resorting to cheap knockoffs.


  1. Good questions, Madison. I'm often flabbergasted by not only the crazy, but the willingness of otherwise intelligent people to embrace that crazy. And the majority who would rise up and vote the crazy out of office sit idly and silently by while we turn into Gilead. Or worse.

  2. "Take our couture ideas and make them more ready-to-wear?" Are you friggen serious, Madison? You are not allowed to be that thought-provoking at your age. I'm just positive there's a law against it. No, srlsy, that is just brilliant.

    More to your point: as I was raised deeply in the Southern Babtis' Cult, I can assure you that guys like this very much believe the nonsense they're spouting. They need to believe it; they HAVE to believe it. Otherwise, their whole world-view collapses, and most humans can tolerate an astonishing of cognitive dissonance if it keeps their personal narrative intact. Sure, maybe on some preconscious level there's an awareness of the absurdity of their entire wish-fulfillment fantasies, but they NEVER EVER let those coalesce into actual thoughts. In fact, many of them believe that any such thoughts they might have were deliberately inserted into their minds by Satan. No, really. For actual real.

    *sigh* The Chinese have cursed us, for we do indeed live in very, very interesting times.