Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood?

My local Republican Party decided to make the above post on their Facebook page. They think President Obama, our Commander in Chief, hates this country.

Even more disturbing than their inability to disagree with the President without resorting to the ridiculous is the link they posted to an opinion piece entitled "Tranny Time."

Though the piece itself is disturbing, especially since someone who studies these topics concluded perpetrators of sexual assault in the military are unlikely to be gay, it's not as disturbing as the fact an official page for a political party chose to post this as an example of what their party stands for. They posted this piece which refers to transgender Americans putting their lives on the line to defend our country as "nutburgers."

I wonder how much it costs to be a proud American after the 90 day trial period? I've always thought that being a proud American meant respecting our soldiers and veterans and recognizing that our President loves this country, even if I disagree with him. I guess I'm just a "pansy-bummed progressive" according to the article.

This is not a good example of leadership, especially to my area's young people who will be the future party leaders someday. This is teaching young people to be bullies to the LBGT community. This is sending a message to members of the LBGT community in my area and their friends and family members that they are not welcome to be a member of the Republican Party. This is wrong.

I believe our country is stronger when people with different ideas can participate and have a place where they feel welcome and safe. If you're a Republican or just want to learn more about ideas from a Conservative point of view but don't want to deal with bigotry, check out this website:
Log Cabin Republicans

You can find information and ways to get involved. You can even join a local chapter to connect with like-minded people.

I'm disappointed that the Facebook page for my local Republican Party doesn't seem to represent most of my Republican neighbors. I'm disappointed that whoever runs that page is portraying my area in this way when it doesn't represent the way most people in my community respect one another, even if they disagree on some things politically. It doesn't represent the majority of people in my area who can discuss politics without resorting to this kind of behavior.

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  1. Madison, if we had more youth like you, our elected officials would be held to a much higher standard than they are today. Having just read through the last two months of your blog, I'm tremendously impressed. While I do not agree with many of your political views, I strongly support your strong voice in our political process. Never give up the fight, Madison! Your passion, your deep understanding of the politics around you, and the strength of your desire to be a strong voice in your community and for our nation as a whole fills me with a tremendous hope for the future. Our nation needs more Madison Kimreys.