Monday, April 14, 2014

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Freedom! The Constitution! Liberty! Family Values! Prosperity!

All these are very nice words that politicians like to throw around. People hear them and they feel all warm and happy inside.

But be careful. Some of these people seeking office like to talk about freedom and liberty but actually are fighting against equality for women. They seem to worship the Constitution but they don't want to honor parts of it they don't like. They talk about family values but that doesn't include ALL families. They promise prosperity, but if you look under the surface, they are promising that only for those who are already prosperous.

Summer sounds so nice to Olaf in the movie Frozen. He dreams of laying in the sun and enjoying the beach. He doesn't know he would melt. His friends haven't told him for fear of upsetting him.

The time to vote is coming near and it's time to let our friends know they could be in danger. We take for granted people already know things, but many of them are just like Olaf. They don't understand that all these nice words and lovely images could lead to their freedom and opportunities being melted away.

Just like Olaf, most voters are good people. They don't want to hurt themselves or anyone else. They're just uninformed or misinformed. A lot of them are afraid. Let's get out there and give them all some warm hugs.

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  1. excuse me. first of all... i have not seen frozen. ::gasp::: i know. im a terrible human. but this terrible human loves your passion for social justice. loved reading your words w/ its cadence & tempo. :::salutes::: i hear your call to arms. & yes i want to fight for liberty (& build snowmans...? i dont know. im confused).