Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What We Have Here Is a Failure to Communicate

Governor McCrory gave a news conference today. You can watch the whole thing here. At 31:20 the Governor is asked a question about people who disagree with him and here is how he answered it:

"I'd like them to be part of the solution. And I welcome people who disagree with our policy stances to come up with ideas. And don't just tell us. I surround myself with problem solvers and that includes critics and allies alike. And what I want to encourage them to do is...I'm glad to meet with them if they have viable solutions to some very complex problems in NC and then we can agree or disagree on the solution. But I don't think anyone disagrees with the ultimate outcome. I've had some wonderful meetings in the Governor's office with some activists and some other people throughout the state and just private meetings away from the cameras discussing some of the serious issues we're dealing with and some of the potential solutions. But I think one area we all need to improve on is dialogue and conversation and not political soundbites against each other. And I would say that not only to ourselves and to my critics, but to members of the media. We all at times encourage that. I'm a big advocate of dialogue with people I disagree with but I'm more of an advocate of solutions."

This is after last month, when the Governor responded to my request to meet with him in an interview with WFMY by telling the lies that I am part of a publicity stunt, that I was outside his mansion gates hungry, and that my mom is "very strong activist" with MoveOn.

Solutions? How about we don't call young North Carolinians who are seeking the solutions and dialogue the Governor is such a big advocate of props. There's a solution.

I would love to hear the Governor's solutions on encouraging young people to take part in our government, since pre-registering to vote is a "bureaucratic burden." In case the Governor needs any ideas, the non-partisan Commission on Youth Voting and Civic Knowledge issued a report with a lot of great ideas.

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  1. "What we have here is a failure to communicate." Have you ever seen the movie, "Cool Hand Luke"? It's a great movie. That's where that line comes from. But, I don't think many kids your age would have seen it.

    You write really well, and make a sound argument.