Monday, January 27, 2014

Tucker Carlson, You Can't Sit With Us

In a segment about laws that could potentially curtail your personal freedoms, Tucker Carlson of Fox News says “I have a 17-year-old, whom I love more than my own life of course, but are 17-year-old really capable of choosing an entrée at a restaurant, much less voting?” the Fox News host wondered. “I mean, for real. Do we want them voting?”

Would you like to cut my meat for me too, Mr. Carlson?

What's up with Republicans saying their own teenagers are not smart enough to VOTE?

If these remarks were made based on race or gender, Mr. Carlson would have to apologize. He should do the same thing here, if only to the many 17 year olds who've been capable enough to earn wages and pay taxes by preparing and serving food. He's talking about the very people our country's future depends on and telling us we shouldn't participate because we're not capable.

If Mr. Carlson really thinks youth civic education needs improvement, maybe he could try to reach out more to young viewers. He had the perfect opportunity to do this by having Katherine Timpf of Campus Reform on his show. Not only can Ms. Timpf order her own food, she knows things like there are young people out there who are Conservatives and even more of them in the middle who could potentially vote for Republicans. Young voters in Virginia chose Ken Cuccinelli 45 to 39 percent over Terry McAulliffe and helped Chris Christie in New Jersey.

I mean, for real.

Not only are young voters capable of choosing an entree, we can influence the choices offered. Any candidate who doesn't respect our intelligence isn't worthy of our vote. Any news person who rejects an opportunity to appeal to young viewers and instead chooses to insult us is worthy of our scorn. The people who care about the future of this country and want to see it continue to move forward will not stand for these insults to a legacy they have helped build.

You don't get to discuss who is going to pay the check if you tell us we're too dumb to order off the menu. If this is what you're serving, young voters and future voters will chew you up and spit you out.

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  1. Clearly this guy must think something magical happens when a kid turns 18, cuz that's when they start to vote. Does he let his 17 year old drive, I wonder? Is she capable of choosing which is the brake and which is the accelerator? And Madison, your example of what happened in the VA race may indirectly prove his point--young people really should learn more about the issues and candidates before they vote, especially if they didn't know any better than to vote for the Cooch.