Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Power of Prayer

Equality Alabama has started a petition asking the president of the Alabama Service Commission, ironically named Twinkle, to apologize for inviting a minister most sinister to a public energy meeting who then proceeded at said meeting to pray away the gay. The prayer lasted all the way from 2:20 of this video all the way to the end at 5:55.

I don't pray and I don't think there's any need to pray for electricity. But if I did pray I don't think any god I would pray to would require me to say words like this:

"...We've said it's okay to have same-sex marriage. We have sinned and we ask once again that you forgive us for our sins," Jordan opined. "If there is anybody here that is in agreement with this, may us in the powerful, most mighty name, the name that's above all names, and that's Jesus ... and everybody said, 'Amen."

Don't you love how he saved the praying away the gay for the end? "...And god bless grandma and please forgive me for the moment of temptation where I thought just maybe it's okay to have a shred of human dignity. And thank you god for letting all these people be here when I talk to them. I mean you, adjective, adjective, adjective, Jesus, amen."

In a statement to Huffington Post, Twinkle Cavanaugh responded to the prayer by saying:

"My Christian faith guides me in everything that I do, and I'm proud that the Alabama Public Service Commission opens each meeting seeking His divine guidance and thanking God for the blessings He has given us," she writes. "I make no apologies as a Christian elected into public service by the people of Alabama. Without a doubt, our nation needs more prayer, not less."

If a 3:35 prayer isn't enough prayer for saying whatever needs to be said to god before talking about power rates, the Alabama Public Service Commission definitely needs less prayer. Marriage equality is not responsible for increasing energy rates. That prayer guided and blessed hate and discrimination.

The petition is not asking Twinkle Cavanaugh to apologize for being a person who likes to pray. The idea of praying at public meetings in general is not being pulled into this. The issue stated by Equality Alabama is:

"Equating a person's sexual orientation to sin in a public meeting is tantamount to bullying and it has harmful consequences."

Bullying is wrong and Twinkle Cavanaugh should absolutely apologize as an elected official and president of the Alabama Service Commission. Please help show her how many people think she should apologize by signing the petition and standing with Equality Alabama.

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