Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Take Action to Help Give America's Youth a Voice

The Campaign for a Presidential Youth Council needs your help. House Joint Resolution 47 is currently in committee, which would establish a Presidential Youth Council to advise Congress and the President on matters and policies important to the youth of our nation and to its future. 

In order to move this bill to the floor and encourage our Representatives to pass it, as many people as possible need to contact their Representatives and voice their support for this bi-partisan, youth-led council made up of young people ages 16-24. Next week, starting on Monday, May 18th, the organization is hosting a national outreach initiative. You can join in this event by visiting the following link:

You can follow this link to take just a moment of your time to send an email to your Representative:

You can easily find your Representative in the House to follow up your email with a phone call by following this link:

Let me tell you why this initiative is important to me. 

The current state of partisan bickering in the political realm often steamrolls over our young people and makes increasing numbers of them less likely to get involved or even vote. When the future leaders of this country are not participating, or when they try to participate are treated as props or propaganda to fuel the divisiveness that impedes a political process that's beneficial to our country as a whole, this puts the foundation of this nation on shaky ground. 

It's important that our young people know our leaders value their research, input, and contributions. Our  current leaders should be modeling and encouraging our future leaders to work across party lines to meet the challenges we face. It's imperative that our young people have the opportunity to see others like themselves engaged and working across party lines to build the future in which we will lead. 

Those of us who are too young to vote or hold office deserve representation in the political process to ensure that the blessings of liberty are secured for ourselves and our posterity. We deserve to have our concerns, our hopes, and our dreams for this nation recognized as pertinent and valuable. 

I urge you to support this measure to create a Presidential Youth Council in order to help move this country forward. 

If you don't know what to say when you call or email, you can keep it simple and just say that you support House Joint Resolution 47 to create a Presidential Youth Council. The important thing is that you take just a moment of your time to help support America's youth and show us by your example that individual engagement is important to a government of, by, and for the people. 

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