Sunday, March 2, 2014

We Support Kalei Wilson

On Friday, I got a message from my friend Mark about Kalei Wilson, who gave up her dream of starting a Secular Student Alliance at her school because she and her family were being bullied and threatened.

Mark and I got together and made a video that we released on Saturday, along with an open letter to Kalei. We are asking everybody to make videos or blog posts to support Kalei and title or tag them "We Support Kalei Wilson".

I have friends who have been bullied. One of my friends just left her school because the school would not help keep her safe. In Kalei's case, her school is continuing the bullying by not acknowledging that Kalei feels hurt. Instead of trying to help or comfort Kalei, they are joining in with the bullies and trying to hurt her even more.

This is about equality. It's about helping people when they need it. It's about asking yourself, "What can I do to help make this person happy or, at least, less sad?" It's about choosing at the very least not to inflict more pain on someone who is already in pain.

Kalei should be able to depend on the adults at her school to show support for her. She can't count on that. Let's show her she can count on each one of us to do something, one small thing. Kalei should be able to walk into school and know she isn't going to be teased, tormented, and threatened by the other students. She can't count on that so let's show her she can count on us.

I know what a difference it can make to get a message of support and how much of a difference just one message can make. Imagine for a moment what could happen when Kalei goes online, Googles "We Support Kalei Wilson" and sees an outpouring of love and support. Imagine the difference that can make. Imagine the difference you can make.

This song is for you, Kalei. I love you.

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