Wednesday, September 4, 2013

FYI (if you're a functional human being)

I don't have a lot of time to write this, but I wasn't going to be the only female blogger to not come out and say something about this post made as an address to teenage girls. Before you read it, you should know that this author made another post where she used the phrase "so-called same sex marriage."

First of all, the idea of a family sitting around at dinner deciding who they are "all" going to be friends with is creepy. The idea that adults think they have to monitor their kids all the time and make all their decisions is creepy. It sends a message to kids that they are not trustworthy. It makes kids focus more on not getting in trouble and less about making smart decisions for themselves. If your kids lie to you, you should ask yourself why they feel they have to lie.

Now let's talk about the idea that how you dress is important and that you will never go anywhere in life if you don't follow someone else's idea of what you should be. Please tell that to Miley Cyrus. I would never get up and do a routine like that myself. Just because I wouldn't do it doesn't mean she can't. I'm sure she set out to shock people and she succeeded. I don't see how she's much different than she was on Disney. Same message with a different outfit. Only now that she's using sexuality to sell things, it's a problem for some people. Anyway, she's still very successful at what she's set out to do.

The main problem people had with this post is that it sets a different standard for men than women because the boys in the pictures were shirtless and she was telling girls to keep their clothes on. The author replied to this by making a second post where her sons had shirts on. It wasn't just the image of women she was trying to define with her ignorant remarks. It was the image of men too. I wonder how she would feel if some of my hot gay friends started posting shirtless pictures all over her sons' Facebook pages?

FYI girls: you dress how you want. If you want to cover yourself from ankle to wrist, that's cool. If you want to wear short skirts and halter tops can I borrow your clothes? Seriously though, NO ONE - not a boy, not your friends, not your parents, not your teachers, NO ONE has the right to tell you what to do with your own body or make assumptions about what you do with your own body. YOU make that decision for YOU.

If you feel like your parents don't trust you, don't respect you, and won't let you make your own choices, be patient. Don't sneak around and try alcohol or drugs. If you think you can't handle it anymore, reach out for help. I know a lot of young adults and older adults who were once in your same situation and it will all work out ok. Just remember that in the end, your parents won't be the ones who have to live with the decisions you make.


  1. I always said my parents had the "right" to mess up my life until I was 18 but I had to live with what I do for the rest of my life

  2. Refreshing to see that there really are people who use the "Human Being" PLUG-IN option of their anatomy. Seeing thing the waythey really are. That what the eye see's isn't the same as what society/religion/over-tuned morals dictate how the implanted "virus filter" translates what it sees.

    —Mörizen Föche

  3. Madison, my name is Darren Gibson and I'm the host of a liberal talk radio show in Grand Rapids, Michigan called Southpaws, which can be heard every Wednesday morning from 10:00 am until noon on WPRR AM & FM and WPJC FM. I would like to interview you for our show to talk about your activism. Please contact me at 616-723-6635 or 231-937-5180 to set up an interview. Thank you so much.

    1. Darren, if you do interview Madison, can we stream it here in North Carolina?